Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring's Freshness Meets Jewelry

Picture Courtesy of Astrum Studios

This month, I am playing with spring themes in my gemstone jewelry. The new theme has inspired more wire crochet gem pendants, an increase in detailed designs, and incorporating more translucent gemstones like flourite or blue chalcedony (pictured above). It also has led to a playful style between mixed metals.

On the philosophical artistic note, the concept of freshness and renewal has always been important to me. It represents hope and looking forward when darkness surrounds. It shows itself through simpler moments, like a flower blooming or an open laugh. Lastly, it creates a crisp feeling that almost always leads to a smile.

Going back to the gemstone art, even quartz and some glass beads can create a delicate, almost elven, handmade piece that reminds us of Spring. Simple detail and line represents a beginning, the same beginning that a bud slowly emerging from the ground illustrates. In short, simplicity leading to detail is what spring is, and spring is freshness

(Thank you for reading this post. Please click here to see more intricate gemstone designs with lighter themes. My Etsy store also holds different designs, which can be seen here ).

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