Friday, March 13, 2015

It is All a Matter of Perspective

Often with this blog, I try to write work that directly connects to my art. This time I will write about what connects to my person- philosophical ramblings and daily miracles.

Lets start this post with a scenario: You wake-up at 7:30 AM after 5 hours of sleep. Your night's slumber included coughing, tossing, turning, and having a cat do a "siren meow." (If you have never heard one, count yourself lucky. It involves a wailing that can be heard down the apartment hallway.) You try to fall back asleep for the next hour and a half without success. Your day sounds pretty rough so far, yes?

The answer is no. Here are the parts that are missing from the scenario above. Your husband, or partner, makes sure to kiss you before he/she leaves. Seeing you are awake, they bring you a glass of water before walking out the door. While not falling back asleep, you figure out answers to two situations that have been difficult the last couple of days. Upon raising from your comfy bed, you decide to treat yourself to a coffee only to see numerous small kindnesses during the trip (including a very cute flirtation from one man to a kind barista who knows how to be polite when not interested). You enjoy the walk home in the fresh, spring morning and come home to that same cat, now a bit incensed that you bought yourself an egg sandwich and will not share, which gives you a bit of quid-pro-quo satisfaction.

All that changed during your day was noticing the small things. One morning, that can easily be seen as an extremely rough start, can become very enjoyable from noticing such small events as birds chirping in the fresh sunlight. It is really up to you, or in this case me, to create the day you wish for. Noticing small beauties alters gloomy to cheery.

And thus, it is all a matter of perspective.

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