Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gemstones, Teaching, and Sharing Knowledge

This last weekend, I taught my first official workshop about the Healing Properties of Gems hosted by the wonderful Nicole of Balanced Body Mind Spirit, an alternative holistic healing practice specializing in personal coaching, reiki, and mediation practices. (Here is Balanced Body Mind Spirit's website in case you live in the Toronto/ Newmarket area in Ontario.)  Officially called "Combining Crystals to Relieve Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Energetic Maladies," this course offered basic crystal knowledge, connecting crystals to their appropriate chakras, and learning how to use one's own intuition to develop their own healing abilities. In short, I had to structure my knowledge learnt over decades into a nice, understandable package; an exercise that incorporated patience, forethought, and the teaching skills ten years of classroom teaching had imbued me with.

Teaching has been a love/ hate relationship for the last few years. Before becoming an artist, I was a math and science teacher who specialized with at-risk youth ad gifted & talented classrooms. I adored helping students learn but had severe trouble internally coping with how the public bureaucratic system limited teachers. This limitation ultimately hurt the students' learning and development within and outside the classroom. Extremely aggravated and exasperated, I quit classroom teaching upon moving to Canada. Instead, I focused on evolving my artistic skills and the general business.

This last Saturday, I had the honor to teach a subject that I discovered innately flowed from within. Since I was a small child, gemstones have fascinated and attracted me. My curiosity about these sparkly beauties slowed coalesced into learning a substantial amount of information about the gemstones' energies, histories, and chemical structures. To share this information felt natural and needed no extra thinking. The workshop became a person reminder that I had become a teacher for a reason- that it is an instinctive act for me from a relatively young age.

Needless to say, the workshop flowed smoothly. The participants and myself both learnt, discussed, and expanded our collective knowledge about gemstones and healing. (If you ever meet a teacher, or a guru, who states to possess complete knowledge on any topic, you will be looking into the eyes of a fraud or an idiot; excuse my language.) After the workshop, I had students saying thank you. During the workshop, I was saying thank you. The workshop was filled with learning, laughter, and most importantly, light.

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