Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Wire-Wrapped Opalite with Copper and Gold Ornamentation

About the Necklace
Opalite is a synthetic glass gemstone that possesses a multi-colour shine such as opal does. The stone remains a cloudy blue-white until the sunlight touches it, at which point yellows, pinks, greens, and a variety of colours emerge. To match its blue-white undertone, I wrapped the stone in blue plated copper wire (18 gag) with copper and gold wire ornamentation (26 and 24 gage respectively). The piece hangs on a dark copper chain that lets it hang to mid-chest level.

Meaning of Opalite
Opalite is known as a subtle high-energy stone. It helps stabilise mood swings and allows one to build on communication skills, either daily or metaphysical.

If you wish to know more either about the necklace or the meaning of opalite, please comment.

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